A Little Bit More About Me

As you’ve probably already gathered, my name is Jeremy Buzek, and I am Web and Graphic Designer currently working and living in Houston, Texas. So, why don’t I tell you some stuff you probably didn’t know.

I actually grew up in a small town, and for most of my life I lived on a ranch in the middle of nowhere (actually, right about here). I enjoyed having space to roam around, but being the little nerd that I am, I couldn’t wait to grow up and move to the city. I like working with my hands and creating things, but I couldn’t see myself working on a farm or in a shop my whole life. That combination defined my career path and as soon as I could, I moved to Houston and attended The Art Institute of Houston.

I initially went there looking to pursue a degree in Game Design, but after hearing people discuss the realities of working in that industry (slave-labor), I decided to return to something I had already begun learning throughout grade school, Interactive Media Design. I always enjoyed the code-oriented side of Web Design, and loved the feeling of creating something from the ground up that was all mine.

During my tenure at AIH however, I realized how much I delighted in the Design phase, and it quickly became my favorite aspect of Media Development. The psychology behind User Interface Design developed into a new area of passion and study for me, and totally changed the way I look at design and functionality.

In my spare time, I like to listen and play music, play videogames, watch TV Shows and movies, and hang with old friends and meet new ones. My most recent venture is into the world of curation, and after being featured in a few verious shows, I decided to give it a shot myself.

CIRCUITS is an annual Videogame-Inspired Concert & Art Show featuring the very best Texas Chiptune musicans (music made with retro videogame hardware) and roughly 20 Houston artists creating pieces drenched in nostalgia. The first one was on January 12, 2012 and it was awesome. Due to its success, my new partner-in-crime Matthew Rivas and I founded Lazybit Collective in 2013. We are a Houston based culture club inspired by the sights and sounds of videogames, comprised of a coalition of visual artists, chiptune musicians, podcasters and contributors of all kinds.